Raw Materials

The right choice of raw materials has a positive impact on the eco-balance of a manufacturer and paves the way for the quality of the final products. MADEIRA threads are made from raw material of the highest quality class. We put a special focus on the materials’ origin and check the quality in our own quality department.
We mainly use re-growing raw materials like viscose (wood), cotton and silk for our embroidery threads. Our sewing thread consists of high-class polyester fibres, which we exclusively buy from renowned suppliers.


Our main product is the Rayon embroidery thread made from 100% high-class viscose. Viscose is produced from cellulose which is mostly made from an especially fast growing kind of spruce. Viscose is an organic fibre and biodegradable. MADEIRA viscose threads are Oeko-Tex certified with the highest “product class 1”.


The machine embroidery thread Cotona as well as our Mouliné are made from 100% mercerised Egyptian cotton. Cotton is a natural fibre that is produced from the seed fibres of the cotton plant. Cotton is soft to the skin and has a very low allergic potential. MADEIRA cotton threads are Oeko-Tex certified with the highest “product class 1”.


The popular embroidery thread Lana is made of 50% wool. Like silk, wool is not a herbal, but a protein fibre. Our wool is mainly sheep wool. Wool is a natural product, biodegradable and re-growing. Of course Lana is certified with Oeko-Tex aswell.


Our hand embroidery thread Silk is made from 100% pure silk. Silk is the queen of the natural fibers. It is precious and noble. Silk is produced from the cocoons of the silkworm. MADEIRA Silk is Oeko-Tex certified with the highest “product class 1”.


  • "Cable Clutch Freebie"

    "Cable Clutch Freebie"

    Missed our workshop? Don’t worry! You can download the embroidery file and the step by step tutorial for free.



    For private use only (copyright by Kasia Hanack)

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  • NEW: Aeroflock Overlock Thread in many fashionable colors!

    NEW: Aeroflock Overlock Thread in many fashionable colors!

    This is our most recent highlight: Aeroflock is a fluffy overlock thread especially for elastic requirements such a lingerie, sportswear and swimwear. Aeroflock is Oeko-Tex certified and made in Germany.

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