Madeira Metallic


Metallic threads grant any embroidery glittering looks and iridescently shiny effects, table linen and festive evening dresses alike.

MADEIRA effect threads fulfill the highest demands for quality, color variation, and strength. Due to its specially designed twine construction, the threads run pliable and smooth on any sewing and embroidery machine. The high percentage of metallized foil adds sparkle and glitter to the thread and moreover creates the characteristic elasticity while embroidering.

Metallized yarns are best embroidered at reduced thread tension and low speed. We also highly recommend the utilization of the MADEIRA Metallic Needle.

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  • NEU: Herzdose

    NEU: Herzdose

    Blechdose gefüllt mit 3 x Aerofil Nähgarn Spulen; schwarz, weiß und grau

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  • Neu: Sensa Green 40 Smartbox

    Neu: Sensa Green 40 Smartbox

    Weltneuheit: das erste Quilt- und Stickgarn aus 100% Lyocell

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  • Neu: Frosted Matt - 8er Garnbox

    Neu: Frosted Matt - 8er Garnbox

    Extra mattes Maschinenstickgarn mit Keramik in der Faser • Farbwahrnehmung ähnlich wie bei Kreide • 200 m Snapspule

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  • Neu: Reflect

    Neu: Reflect

    Reflektierendes Stickgarn • 100 m Snapspule • 75% Polyester 25% Polyamid

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