Environmental Responsibility

Quality and Responsibility

We pursue economic goals, but also take environmental responsibility. Almost no other brand produces as many embroidery threads as MADEIRA. We know that the manufacturing and dyeing processes strain nature and the environment, but we do everything in our power to sustain the essential characteristics of the ecosystem.

We are aware of our responsibility to ensure the survival of the company, while maintaining the livelihoods for people and nature. Therefore, we are using the most advanced technology in the process and only use high quality raw materials. By using the best materials, we ensure the good quality of our products at the same time. "Quality and Responsibility“ – this is the maxim of our actions here at MADEIRA.
Confidence in Textiles

Sustainability and environmental protection shape the way we develop, produce and distribute our threads. Only those, who use first class raw materials and process them carefully, are able to produce first class products. Our clear commitment to a sustainable management is not just modern image-building. It is the defining culture of our nearly 100 years of history.
We produce yarn for people who take pleasure in textile hobbies. They are creative, skilled crafters who spend much time conjuring our yarns into personally valuable works of art.
Our customers are quality conscious and expect first class and high quality products in terms of processing characteristics, care, colour fastness and durability.
These expectations cannot be satisfied without using certain chemical substances. In addition to the functional properties, our customers therefore require a reliable proof of the human-ecological quality of our products. MADEIRA yarns are certified under the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This label certifies that our products are free of pollutants and health risks. Our main products are Oeko-Tex certified with the highest category "Product Class 1”. This means that the yarns can be used safely even for baby clothing.


  • Thread the needle, set, GO!

    Thread the needle, set, GO!

    Discover our 4 new machine needles: the Jeans Needle, the Super Stretch Needle, the Titanium Universal Needle, and a new Universal Needle.

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  • New assortments: The Overlockboxes

    New assortments: The Overlockboxes

    The ideal starter sets for your overlock and coverlock machine!

    New, exclusive, and unique: The MADEIRA Overlockbox 3+1 contains 3 colors Aerolock and the color-matched bulk thread Aeroflock.

    Also brand-new: The Overlock Minikingbox Aeroflock, filled with the 12 most popular colors of Aeroflock 100, assorted well visible in a practical packaging.

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  • New stabilizers sold by the meter

    New stabilizers sold by the meter

    Discover our 3 new Stabilzers sold by the meter: Comfort Wear (Art.9410), Weblon Plus (Art.9431P), Weblon Stable (Art.9431S).

    Also new are 4 smaller rolls of our renowned Stabilizers: Cotton Stable, Super Web, Super Stable und Super Strong.

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  • Schritt für Schritt Anleitung und Stickdatei für ein Brillenetui

    Schritt für Schritt Anleitung und Stickdatei für ein Brillenetui

    In unserem Blog finden Sie eine Schritt für Schritt Anleitung und die dazugehörige Stickdatei für ein exklusives Brillenetui. Filz, trendiger Korkstoff und viele schöne Garne - das sind die Zutaten für unser Brillenetui. Praktisch und schön zugleich kann es auch als Handyhülle Verwendung finden.

    Hier geht's zum Blog:


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